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10 Week Grade Transformation Program

My Flagship Program!

Did you know that every student could easily raise their grade in any subject if only they knew the untold secrets to success?

It is a depressing fact that most students will never get the marks they should in assessments, assignments and exams, even if they study hard.

Whether your child is less than motivated (or ‘laid back’ as they may like to call it!), or they work harder and longer than anyone else, or if they are somewhere in between, I know they could do so much better than wherever they are at right now.

How do I know this?

Because high school and college (and even uni!) students are not properly skilled when it comes to understanding command words and knowing what exam markers are specifically looking for.

It’s not their fault. It is simply because they have not been trained how to ‘show what they know’ in the way that examiners, teachers and assessors need them to.

This is why I created my 10 Week Grade Transformation Program

This premium online program is a comprehensive, clearly structured, proven system and is the ONLY online course teaching this information at this level. It is unrivalled.

  • The result of over a decade of experience in teaching, exam marking, assessment moderation and private tutoring this system has been proven to create unbelievable success.
  • Teachers nationwide have hailed it as an essential program for students in Year 10 and beyond who want to get their very best results in exams and assessments. Students in Year 9 will also be at a massive advantage by learning these strategies and developing these skills now so that they can start putting them to use, perfecting and honing them, ready for the most significant exam years.
  • I don’t want students to go any longer without mastering the skills and strategies they need in order to achieve their ultimate success.

 “But we didn’t have to know all that in my day” I hear you say – yep, same here.

It’s not a case of having to know it. It’s just that we never even considered that these things existed, just like 99% of students today. Plus, exams and marking rubrics were structured differently back then – it was more about remembering facts, whereas now there is more emphasis on being able to ‘apply’ knowledge.

Put simply: Exams today are not just testing how much students know, they are equally about how well they put it down on paper to meet the marking guide requirements.

In the words of one of my tutoring students, Inga “You don’t know what you don’t know”! Once she realised precisely what she was going to be marked on and therefore what she needed to ensure she included in her responses, it was like a whole new world! She could streamline her prep, practise incorporating the specific ‘trigger words’ she knew would gain her instant credit, all without having to learn any extra subject content.

Now, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, your son or daughter can discover all of these secrets and master all of these skills in the comfort and convenience of their own home. My 10 Week Grade Transformation Program is delivered online through a series of ten modules, complete with tutorial videos, manuals and live chat with me (I’ll tell you more about that in a moment).

Actually, the strategies involved aren’t even that complex. There is a lot to reveal, but my simple, yet powerful system makes sure that students do not feel overwhelmed. In fact, it is a lot easier for students to skyrocket their results by perfecting things like ‘exam technique’ than it is to do so by learning lots more subject content. That is why I love to describe this system as being about students getting ‘more bang for their buck’. Getting the maximum gains from the time and effort they put in.

I have made it my mission over the last three years to enable all students who want to, to access these behind the scenes secrets, gain the essential tools of the trade, and finally start achieving their true potential.

And just to assure you, these aren’t ‘secrets’ that students aren’t supposed to or allowed to know. Past papers and mark schemes are online for all to see. Teachers who are also examiners are free to teach their students how to dissect exam questions and identify command words. However, many teachers do not have national or state exam marking experience, and for those that do there is simply not enough time for them to cover this in lessons (what with a full curriculum leaving little time for revision, let alone anything that digs more deeply).

Through the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program your child will:

  • Be led, step by step, through a carefully structured series of online video tutorials and tasks that cater for visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.
  • Receive comprehensive online workbook manuals for every ‘catapult’ module. All information is clearly laid out for them with ‘engagement gaps’ and space for completing tasks whilst removing the need to take copious notes.By printing these they can then refer back to the content at any time in the future.
  • Complete bite-sized, structured and guided tasks for them to put their new-found skills into practice as they go.
  • Be fully supported throughout the program: They will have multiple opportunities to ask any questions or discuss anything relating to the program, with me, in monthly online live Q&A sessions at the Secrets and Solutions Seminars within the Grade Transformation Zone. They will have access to technical support should they have any issues accessing the program or resources.
  • Be kept on track! Both you and your child will receive weekly email updates to inform you of where they should be up to.
  • Be able to catch up if they fall behind. I know it is unlikely that ten weeks will go by without something cropping up. So, all students get a full 12 weeks access to the program so that if something like a holiday or sickness occurs, they can still complete it without any stress.
  • Be able to move through the modules faster if they wish! They will be able to access the next module after each previous one. I recommend one module per week to give time for action and consolidation at each stage.

After completing this program your child will:

  • Be self-confident in their abilities, aware of their strengths and better equipped to tackle their weaknesses
  • Be more organised, meaning less last-minute panics, late night homework and study-induced stress.
  • Have an abundance of opportunities in life as a result of higher academic achievement.
  • Know how to always pick up all the easier marks in exams, and exactly how to access the higher level marks.
  • Have a positive attitude to their study.
  • Know specific ‘trigger words’ to include in any assignment or exam answer in response to different types of questions.
  • Take notes more effectively, to aid revision and make writing essays and assignments smooth-sailing.
  • Revise for any future tests and exams in a timely fashion and using techniques that are best suited to their personal learning style.
  • Complete homework faster and to a higher standard.
  • Feel cool, calm and in control of their study.
  • Experience more happiness, satisfaction and reward from their education and more opportunities for celebration!

Click to view the full list of the 10 Week Grade Transformation module content.

So if this is so important, why isn’t it being taught in school?

Well there are two main reasons for this. Firstly, teachers just don’t have the time to teach these skills along with all the content laid down in the curriculum or syllabus they have to cover. Secondly, most of them aren’t examiners or assessors and so don’t have the knowledge or experience in this area to be able to teach it even if they did have the time.

In my teaching positions, I have endeavoured to squeeze bits in whenever I could, but often it had to be in extra lunch time or after school sessions. I could spend a whole session with a class guiding them through a ‘dissection’ of a past paper or analysing a sample response and they’d gain loads of ‘gold nuggets’ of information, but we’d still only be scraping the surface by the time the session was over. The concepts would just be ‘clicking’ for them and they would just be starting to grasp the techniques and it would be time to pack up.

However, in my 10 Week Grade Transformation Program I have carefully structured the modules to provide continuity through a sequence that will enable your child to consistently build their understanding and skills. It is not throwing in the odd strategy whenever possible, but rather delivering a solid, proven system that enables students to create amazing and sustainable success with skills that can never be taken away from them.

I deliver ‘on a plate’ the secrets to exam and study success, using proven strategies and techniques. Plus, they’ll develop the skills needed to unlock them and use them not only when they matter most, but every day at school or college.

Rather than have your child try to find this information for themselves and work out their own untested techniques, and devise strategies to make it all useful and workable, I’ve done all of that for them. I have refined everything into strategically sequenced, simple systems with foolproof templates that have been proven to work with hundreds of students.

This premium online program is available to any student, anywhere in Australia that has an internet connection! Which is fantastic for your son or daughter if you are one of the parents who decides to enrol them, but not so good for them if you don’t (and everyone else is learning this stuff). So don’t let them miss out!

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Free Bonus!

I know that students want and need support when learning something new, and especially something as big as this. That is why I am including 12 weeks access to the Grade Transformation Zone Member Area. This exclusive access will give them resources, help sheets and mini tutorials to further enhance their study. But the best part of it is that this is where I run monthly Live Online Q&A Sessions within our ‘Secrets and Solutions’ Seminars. This means that every student has the opportunity to interact live with me every month to ask me any question they might have about the 10 Week Program – or about anything to do with their study! So they are not left on their own. They get regular contact with me directly as well as a heap of additional study resources and guides. All for free when they enroll in the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program. Because I want to ensure that they get all the support they need.

Take advantage of this crucial free bonus by enrolling your child now!

So your teenager is going to get:

Full access for 12 weeks to my 10 Week Grade Transformation Program, including the manuals to download and keep. Click HERE to view the full list of modules and their content.

PLUS membership of the Grade Transformation Zone for 12 weeks with exclusive resources and monthly personal access to me at our Secrets and Solutions online live seminars.

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And for this low price, your teenager is going to learn the secrets and strategies they need right now. In just 10 weeks they’ll be getting the grades they deserve and you'll be able to let go of any anxiety over your child’s academic future. What is that worth to you?

This is more than them getting great grades. This is you getting an enthusiastic response when you ask about their day at school, them feeling calm, confident and in control of their study and having bigger and better opportunities available to them in life. It’s about your child going on to lead a life that they love.

You might still be wondering:

What is the best time for my child to do this program?

This program is ideal for students in Years 9–12.

If they are in Year 10, 11 or 12 then I would go as far as to say that it is essential that they get this information as soon as possible! They will currently be completing assignments and exams and working on subjects that are going to directly influence their final grades and the academic results that will stay with them and could influence their lives forever.

If your child is in Year 9 then this is an excellent opportunity to get this information at their earliest opportunity. The earlier they can start building the skills, embedding the techniques and applying the knowledge that they need to achieve their ultimate success the better. This way, they will have everything in place, and be ready and raring to go for when it really counts in those later years.

However, I advise that students in Year 7 or Year 8 wait until they are in these higher year groups as they will probably not yet have the basics in place to be able to build upon them, nor will they be completing yet the sorts of assessments that require this level of skill.

But my child already has a tutor

If you already use a tutor, that’s great! Quality tutors can play a fantastic role in helping students improve their understanding of particular subjects and their confidence in the subject content. Maths is a good example of this. Some tutors are also able to help students structure their responses to tasks and to prepare for certain exams, for example writing essays for English or History.

However, not all tutors have the experience of being rigorously trained in exam marking, coursework moderation and other formal assessment processes. Therefore they may not have the ‘behind the scenes’ experience to be able to offer the practical techniques and strategies needed to apply subject knowledge in externally marked exams and assessments.

If you already have a tutor in place for your son or daughter then you clearly value the opportunities and joy that academic success and self-confidence brings to your teen. And you will definitely want to leverage that investment so that your child can apply their high level of knowledge and understanding when it comes to achieving their ultimate success.

So, I’m fairly sure that you will want to make certain that your child has the tools they need to be able to tackle any task in any subject and perform to the level they are truly capable of.

Do they have to complete the whole program in 10 weeks?

I know that sometimes life can get in the way! So your child’s enrolment gives them 12 weeks access to the program, including all of the video tutorials and workbook manuals. This means they have 2 weeks leeway in case they fall behind at any point, or to go back and review any tutorials they wish to. Plus, the bonus membership of the Grade Transformation Zone, where they can ask me any questions they may have at our live online seminars, runs for 12 weeks too.

In addition, they can actually download and keep the manuals so that they will forever have a reference resource that they can print as a hard copy or save electronically.

What if it turns out that this isn’t really a good fit for my child?

I am so confident that this program will give your child the improved study habits, skills and strategies that they need, that I’m giving every member a massive double Rock Solid Guarantee!

  1. If after 3 modules (or Catapults as I call them), you or your child feels the program just isn’t for them, then simply let me know and I’ll give you a full refund with a smile.
  2. If they complete the whole program and take all the actions I advise them to and don’t achieve higher grades in their next set of results or report card, I will give you a full refund and we can still be friends.

I have taken away all of the risk so that the decision becomes easy for you. I don’t want there to be any reason for your child to miss out on this essential training.

So really, it just comes down to this: If you are happy to leave things as they are (and seeing as you are here in the first place I’m guessing this is not quite the case) then go ahead and close this window and forget all about it. But if you want to discover what your child is really and truly capable of and you want to give them the opportunity to discover the confidence and joy that comes from amazing and sustainable success with less stress then take action and enrol them now.

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