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10 Week Grade Transformation Program Content

Rock Solid Study Lifestyle
  • Introductory ‘Accelerator’ video and manual starter

  • 10 ‘Catapult’ modules: 10 tutorial videos and manuals

  1. Focus and Commitment - The barriers that even the smartest people have around success, and how YOU can break through them to pave your way to awesomeness!
  2. Awesome Organisation - Why being unorganised slows your progress and limits your achievements. How simple changes will have you achieving more, with less stress.
  3. Note-Taking Like a Ninja – When note-taking is SO important, why is it never taught? How to record notes that make assignments, revision and essay-writing easier.
  4. Constructing a Revision Plan - Why subject-based planning is dangerous. Master the proven ‘Reverse-Engineered Revision System’ to ensure you cover everything without unnecessary stress!
  5. Revision Strategies That Work – Most students are using revision strategies that DON’T work. Discover the ones that DO and start using them NOW.
  6. Excellent Exam Technique – Purely and simply, THE most important skill to walk into the exam hall with.
  7. Conquering Command Words – What most students miss when they read any question and how you can find it in EVERY question you ever answer!
  8. Mastering Mark Schemes – Why mark schemes are your keys to success. How to not only understand them, but PREDICT them when you're IN the exam!
  9. Powerful Persuasive Writing – How to argue a case politely yet powerfully in ANY subject using the 3 part ‘SET System’.
  10. Evaluations Made Easy – Why students rarely score well in evaluations. The templates to tackle and succeed in top-end tasks and questions!

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