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Assignment Transformation Tutoring

The most comprehensive and effective solution to writing your best ever essays, projects and assignments.

If your son or daughter has ever had the experience of slaving away over an assignment, only to have it returned with a disappointing result, it is likely that they have misjudged the focus of the task.

Or, if you have had the experience of trying to calm down your teenager mid melt-down because they just ‘don’t get’ what they are supposed to do, then I’m guessing that having a ‘go-to expert’ on hand to solve these struggles would be a welcome support.

Many students struggle to achieve the results they could, or the grades they feel they deserve in homework and assignments. My experiences of working with students in high school, college and university has revealed that problems continually occur with understanding exactly what the task is actually asking them to do, knowing how to get started, and then being able to write a high quality response.

Providing the most comprehensive and effective solution to these problems, Assignment Transformation Tutoring enables students to access the expertise of highly qualified and experienced teachers and examiners. It provides one-on-one expert guidance for those students who want help with writing essays, assignments and extended responses from Year 7 through to university.

Your child will get:

  • The guidance to get started (on the right track!), ensuring they know exactly what the task is asking for and specifically what their teacher or assessor will be looking for in their work, in ‘student speak’ language.
  • Specific feedback at any stage in their work to affirm what they are doing well and give advice on exactly where and how they can improve. This will include detailed suggestions for editing, adjustments and progression. They will learn how to improve their own work as they go, and can then apply these skills to all future work and assignments, in class or at home.
  • A higher quality finish in terms of accuracy and content through final proofreading. This will not necessarily mean perfection; ‘dotting every i and crossing every t’. Rather, it means identifying final stage minor errors and corrections, or making small last minute changes or additions to content.
  • Comprehensive and fast feedback. Your child will get a clear and detailed expert response within just 48 hours!
  • The opportunity to discuss and ask questions about the feedback via email, skype or telephone.

It’s basically like having three personal one-on-one tutoring sessions for each assignment or project! And because it is online, you can get access to experts no matter where you are or what your schedule is, and at a great value price!

Not only do students get the support and expert insight needed to catapult their assignment grades, but they are also being trained along the way in how to do this themselves, so that they can become their own assignment and essay expert!

Here is how it works:

Each assignment receives 3 stages of tutoring:

  1. Guidance & Structuring (Value $60)
    • Email your task sheet along with as many questions as you like about it!
    • Your tutor will send you a three-point plan on how to tackle it and will answer all of your questions. This will cover what to focus on, how to structure your work, what the marker will be looking for and, if appropriate, advice on sources or references.
  2. Draft – Editing & Constructive Feedback (Value $75)
    • Email your draft at any stage of your work. Your tutor will provide written detailed, constructive feedback on your work – what you’ve done well, what could be improved (and how to do it!).
  3. Final – Proof-reading (Value $60)
    • Email your final copy to your tutor. Detailed suggested corrections, adjustments and/or minor edits will be provided to ‘polish’ your work.

Each stage will be returned to you within just 48 hours and always by a qualified teacher/examiner in your study area, so you can be sure you get your best possible grades and to your deadlines!

(Total Value $195)

Your Investment just $120

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OR Purchase 3 Assignment Tutoring Credits and save!

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The Rock Solid Guarantee

I’m so confident that this service provides the answer to students’ headaches that I’m also giving you my Rock Solid Guarantee: If you or your child doesn’t feel that they are getting amazing feedback from this service at any stage in their assignment tutoring, or seeing great improvements in their results, simply give me a call or drop me an email to let me know and I will refund you with a smile.

Here’s how Assignment Transformation Tutoring compares to a local, private tutor.


Assignment Transformation Tutoring

Local, private tutor

One-to-one personal tutoring
Suitable for students from Years 7-Uni
Feedback within 48 hours Usually 1 week – at next session
Ability to talk directly with tutor Through phone or Skype at a time that suits you In person at a set time each week
Tutor is experienced in exam marking and formal assessment moderation
EXPERT support for any subject Usually specialise in one or two subject areas
All tutors hold ‘Working With Children’ clearances
No commitments – cancel any time/no expiry
Experts always available – no appointment required
Assistance only when needed  – No need to commit to or pay for regular sessions
Access from home or school – no need to travel
Rock Solid Guarantee – Bigger and better results or your money back

Assignment Transformation Tutoring ensures that your son or daughter’s hard work and effort is rewarded. It will turn any assignment confusion into a simple set of steps along a direct path so that they have a clear view of what they are doing and how they are going to do it. They will still need to work hard on their homework but there will be no more meltdowns. They will feel confident when handing in the finished piece, those old feelings of uncertainty about whether or not they’ve done the right thing now a distant memory. You will delight in the feelings of excitement and relief as they come home announcing their results, which are now a true reflection of their efforts and ability.

Assignment Transformation Tutoring - 1 Assignment Credit $120.00

The most comprehensive and effective solution to writing your BEST EVER essays, projects and assignments, in high school through to university.

Assignment Packs

Assignment Transformation Tutoring - 3 Assignment Credits $320.00

The most comprehensive and effective solution to writing your BEST EVER essays, projects and assignments, in high school through to university.

Assignment Packs