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Exam Mastery Workshop

Even the BEST students rarely achieve the results they TRULY could in exams.

As a parent, you see your teen getting stressed out by the approach of end of year exams or finals. 

They’re dedicated, they want to do well, but they're overwhelmed.

They might even be…

  • Having trouble getting their study in order or getting their revision on the right track. 
  • Slaving away, doing everything right, but it’s just not quite paying off. 
  • Experiencing ‘brain-mush-syndrome’ (technical term) ;) when they get into the exam hall – where none of their revision seems to flow from brain to paper
  • Feeling under huge time pressure in the exam - the time just seems to whizz by faster than a racing car, leaving their paper rushed or even unfinished.
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But here’s the good news:

As an external examiner, assessment moderator and award-winning teacher, I’ve marked literally tens-of-thousands of papers and I know the precise reasons WHY this happens... aaaand exactly HOW to fix them.

I've organised my proven exam techniques and strategies into a live, online workshop… 

My up-to-the-minute, zero-fluff, interactive EXAM MASTERY WORKSHOP is a training so honed and refined that, for participants, exams become tasks that can be tackled with grace and confidence, rather than being a stress-fest to be feared!

In the online workshop, your teen will:

Learn the skills and strategies to turn stress into success, and boost confidence by...

  • Identifying the key command words in any question
  • So they know the quality and level of response required 
  • Knowing exactly where to put their time and focus for ultimate efficiency
  • So they never run out of time or miss out on ‘easy marks’
  • Sussing out the 'Sherlock clues' to look for in any question 
  • To confidently answer the 'subtle' demands of a task
  • Getting behind the scenes of mark schemes 
  • To understand how they are constructed
  • Being able to mentally 'predict' the mark scheme for any question
  • And therefore write a response that will access every criteria
  • So that marks they ‘shoulda, coulda’ got are NEVER left on the table ever again and BEST POSSIBLE GRADES are achieved in a sustainable and STRESS-FREE way.

My LIVE, online & interactive small group workshop makes it all possible. Without them slaving over textbooks. Without spending hours with a tutorWithout adding even more to their loooong to-do list.

Key Details:

  • WHEN: September - Perfectly timed for minimal stress & ultimate performance in end of year exams
  • WHERE: Online – via interactive webinar
  • WHAT: Practical strategies, exemplar Qs, model answers, student Q&A
  • HOW: 2.5 hours - Private, live, online & interactive webinar (don’t worry, there will be a break or two!) :)
  • WHO: Work with Katie, in a small group with like-minded students,

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What if turns out this isn’t a great fit for my teen?

I'm so confident that this workshop will give your teen the skills and strategies they need, I’m giving you a massive double Rock Solid Guarantee!

1) If, after the first hour, your teen feels they aren't getting great value or it just isn't for them, for any reason, then they can just log out of the webinar and you can email me to receive a full refund with a smile.


2) If they complete the whole workshop and take all the actions I give them and don’t achieve higher grades or feel more confident in their next exam block, just let me know and I'll give you a full refund... and we can still be friends.

I know it can be a little daunting taking on something new, so I've taken away all of the risk so that the decision becomes easy for you. I don’t want there to be any reason for your teen to miss out on this essential training!

So really, it just comes down to this: If you're happy to leave things as they are (and seeing as you are here in the first place I’m guessing this is not quite the case) then go ahead and close this window and forget all about it.

...BUT if you want to discover what your child is really and truly capable of and you want to give them the opportunity to discover the confidence and joy that comes from amazing and sustainable success with less stress then take action and enrol them now.

Exam Mastery Workshop 2019: Early-bird Price $147.00

Live, online and interactive student workshop: How to tackle any exam Q (without the guesswork or uncertainty) so you walk into the exam feeling cool, calm and confident - and achieve your best ever results!