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Can I talk to someone about which services would be best suited to my child?

I love talking with like-minded parents and students! So I would be delighted to discuss your child’s current progress and potential – where they are now and where they want to be (and you want them to be!).

Simply contact me to arrange a complimentary discovery call. Let me know the best number and times to call and we’ll discuss how your child can achieve their best possible success.

If I enrol my child in the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program, what guarantees do I have that it will work for my child?

I am so confident that my 10 Week Grade Transformation Program will work wonders for your teen’s achievement, confidence and academic success that I have doubled my Rock Solid Guarantee! I am removing all the risk for you because:

  1. If, after completing the first three modules you or your child feels that this program isn’t for them for any reason, then just let me know and I’ll refund you in full.
  2. If your child completes the whole program and takes action on all the points I give them and doesn’t achieve bigger and better results in their next report card I will refund your investment in full.

…and we can still be friends.

How does the 10WGT compare with a face-to-face tutor?

Of those tutors who are qualified teachers, only a small proportion will have experience in formal external exam marking and other assessment moderation.

As I explain in my 10 Week Grade Transformation Program video, achieving their ultimate academic success means students need a lot more than just subject knowledge.

Some families might still like to have a weekly appointment of traditional, face-to-face tutoring, perhaps for practice questions or intensive subject specific work. But to gain the tools and skills for best possible results your child can complete the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program to raise their grades super fast and at a time and place that suits them.

My child is having difficulty with some homework and assignments. Can you help with this?

There are two ways that students could gain help with homework or assignments.

Firstly, there are the ‘Secrets and Solutions’ Seminars held once a month exclusive to Grade Transformation Zone Members. These include a live online Q&A session with me personally. They are able to ask any study-related question they like and can get an instant response from me. Even if they are not able to make it to the live seminar, they can submit their question to me by email and I will still answer it for them and they can catch it in the recording!

Alternatively, for more comprehensive assistance with assignments, and at any time (they won’t have to wait for the monthly seminar to come along) you might like to consider Assignment Transformation Tutoring. This service is perfect for students in Year 7 through to University who would like personalised and thorough support and guidance through an assignment from a subject expert.

Is online tutoring really effective?

Although online tutoring has been around for a while, many students and parents are understandably skeptical of working with a tutor virtually.  However, once they jump in attitudes quickly change to enthusiasm and appreciation.

Much like e-commerce for other businesses (think online shopping and email communication), online tutoring has many distinct advantages that actually make it superior over face-to-face local tutors in many cases.  Here are a few of them that I’ve received from parents:

  1. Technology – Often people who haven’t experienced online tutoring fear that the technology will be a hindrance, but in many ways it is an advantage, especially for young people who are used to chatting on skype and are not intimidated by new software.  When sessions are online they are easily recorded for future reference. For example: your assignment feedback is all documented to be easily referred to rather than forgotten from an in-person conversation. Video tutorials can be re-wound and re-watched at any point. The quality of online audio and text chat in conversation in online seminars along-side other like-minded students creates a sense of positivity and support that may not be exhibited by students face to face.
  2. Availability - Location and time are no longer issues. If you’ve ever tried to deal with the restrictions of finding a tutor who is local, proficient in the subject you need help in, and can meet according to your schedule, you will appreciate this! 
  3. Selection – You now have access to the most experienced and successful educators and subject experts. Rather than praying to get lucky enough to find a single tutor who meets your criteria and can work with you, you now have access to my personal elite team for any assignment in any subject through the Assignment Transformation Tutoring service.
  4. Value – Through my 10 Week Grade Transformation Program any student throughout Australia now gets access to my premium online program for achieving ultimate success. Before now this was only available to my private tutoring students whom I worked with one-on-one. But thanks to the internet this can be delivered at a great value price.
  5. Convenience - Add into the mix the convenience of being able to be trained in exam technique or get detailed feedback on an assignment without having to leave your house (or change out of your trackie bottoms!).

What subjects can my child get help with?

My elite team of Assignment Transformation Tutors are hand-picked by me to not only be the best of the best, but also to ensure that every subject is covered for every student, so whether it is English, Maths or Science, or History to HPE your child will be able to access the highest quality feedback and training to create their best possible assignments and extended responses.

How do you find and employ your Assignment Transformation Tutors?

Every Assignment Transformation Tutor is known personally to me!

This is the only way that the ‘control freak’ in me can be satisfied that students on our ‘campus’ are getting the highest quality information, feedback and service. My trusted subject experts, such as Ross the Maths Machine and Anna the History Guru are all colleagues, friends and professional associates that I know, first hand are the best of the best.

They choose to work with me and your child because they too are passionate about helping as many students as possible with the amazing skills and knowledge that they have.

Therefore, every Tutor that I have working with me as a subject expert is first and foremost a qualified and experienced (at least 4 years) teacher. They will also have experience in some form of formal coursework marking, assessment moderation, exam marking or even as a senior examinations officer. I don’t think there is any other tutoring company out there that can say that!

Are your Assignment Tutors screened and checked?

Yes! Every Assignment Transformation Tutor is not only a subject expert but is also a qualified and certified teacher. Therefore they have checks carried out that go above and beyond basic ‘Working With Children’ checks, such as the Blue Card. They have full teacher accreditation and all associated security checks for their country and state.

What qualifications and experience do your Assignment Tutors have?

Every Assignment Transformation Tutor is a qualified and experienced (at least 4 years) teacher. This means that they are a subject expert and teaching expert. They all have both a Bachelor Degree in their subject and a Postgraduate Teaching Qualification.

Moreover, they also have experience in official training and execution of at least one of the following:

  • formal coursework marking
  • assessment moderation
  • external exam marking
  • senior examinations officer.

To my knowledge there is no other tutoring company out there that can say that!

Is there an expiry on assignments for Assignment Transformation Tutoring?

There is no expiry on any Assignment Transformation Tutoring credits. Your child can use them all within one term, or over the course of a year or more!

My child already has a tutor. Won’t this just be duplicating what they already do?

High quality private tutors can be very valuable in helping students with homework and subject knowledge.

However, most tutors are able to tutor in only one or two subjects and focus on subject knowledge rather than performance and application.

I have a team of elite subject experts and educators that cover every subject and are available to help your child at any time thanks to online tutoring. So if your child needs help with an English assignment one week and Science the next – no problem!

Therefore, many families who use face-to-face tutors also use Assignment Transformation Tutoring because of its unrivalled quality in terms of the experience and knowledge of the tutors and for its convenience and efficiency.  

The majority of families find it's a better option because it eliminates the hassle of finding a high quality, local private tutor that fits with the academic and scheduling needs of their child.  

The comprehensive, proven 3 stage system means that your child gains all of the confidence, learning outcomes and household harmony, without the appointments, car trips and hourly costs.

Also, some parents find that their child is nervous or anxious sitting with a tutor face-to-face, so an online tutoring option provides less pressure, embarrassment, or discomfort.

Am I locked into a contract or minimum number of months if I join my child as a member of the Grade Transformation Zone?

The simple answer is no!

There are no joining fees and no exit fees.

There is no contract and so you may cancel your payment whenever you wish.

It really is that simple!

Are your online payment systems secure?

All sensitive information submitted on this website is protected by industry standard technology equivalent to that used by banks for online banking transactions. Our secure web pages use an SSL certificate to ensure secure transmission of your information.

We do not store credit card details in any of our systems either online or offline.