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Grade Transformation Zone Membership

Expert support and exclusive resources!

In our exclusive Members Area, dubbed the ‘Grade Transformation Zone’ students get access to a range of support and extension resources. For example, quick reference ‘cheat sheets’ can be downloaded and ‘top tip’ tutorial videos are regularly posted. These cover study skills that can be applied to a variety of subjects, for example: improving writing style or vocabulary, tackling assignments, revision ideas and exam tips.

Furthermore, the feature perceived by many to be the most valuable in the Grade Transformation Zone, is the monthly LIVE online ‘Secrets and Solutions’ Seminars. Each month I personally host a live online seminar exclusive to Grade Transformation Zone members. I provide a new mini-tutorial each time and hold an interactive open Q&A session where students can ask any study-related questions currently bugging them, or seek answers to problems they are struggling over. Most of the time I can give them an answer, suggestion or solution on the spot – and if not (I am good but I’m not perfect!), then I go seek it out from my team of experts and personally post up the response for everyone to see as soon as possible.

What I have found is that even if a student does not have a question to ask, they still benefit hugely from simply attending and listening in. The advice given to other students will directly or indirectly benefit them too and may lead to a problem being solved before it even arises – the best case scenario!

All online ‘Secrets and Solutions’ Seminars are recorded and stored in the Grade Transformation Zone so that members can view them at any time.

I hate dodgy contracts as much as anyone, so there is no minimum contract to sign up to and you can cancel whenever you like.

Grade Transformation Zone - $69 /month

EXPERT support and exclusive resources!
Cutting edge secrets, plus instant solutions to your study questions from the Grade Transformation Expert, Katie Price.