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In-School Speaking and Workshops

Katie Price Profile

Katie delivers student workshops and parent information seminars in schools throughout Australia.

Have her gold mine of skills and experience delivered first hand to your students or parents. Whether it is training your Senior Students in perfecting their exam technique, or providing your Parent/Carer community with valuable information on how they can best support their child whilst keeping a happy and stress free home. Katie is the expert in transforming students’ grades, guaranteeing best possible results for your school and ensuring students and their parents enjoy the journey along the way!

Student Workshops

Katie adapts every workshop to cater for students’ and teachers’ requirements. This includes tailoring the content and delivery to the year group, current school focus and the qualifications they are working towards.

Workshops are generally a full school day, but can be increased or reduced in duration to suit your students’ needs.

Liaison with teachers in preparation for the workshop is an integral and complimentary part of her service. Katie also provides all student resources for the day.  

Parent information sessions

Many schools and colleges run information nights and induction evenings for parents and carers of students. In particular, as students enter Year 7 or move into Senior years, parents often report that they value input on how they can help with their teenager’s increasing homework demands and make life as enjoyable, positive and stress free at home and at school.

Having an expert deliver this information for you not only relieves staff from this duty, but moreover demonstrates to your community the value that your school puts on providing them with the highest quality education and guidance (as well as the students!).

To enquire, please complete the contact form and Katie will get in touch to organise a complimentary consultation at a time that suits you.