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Info for Parents

Chances are you’re here because you’re considering extra support or extension for your child in their education. There could be a variety of factors involved, but it likely comes down to this:

You want them to get fantastic grades so that they can go on to have the best opportunities and lead a life that they love. I’m expecting that you also want them to feel happy, confident and successful at school, college and beyond.

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Over the past ten years my passion to help students realise their true potential has become my resolute mission to help your son or daughter achieve their best possible success, academically and beyond.

Whether they are struggling in a particular subject, need to improve their essay or assignment writing, or want to excel in their exams, there are proven systems and simple yet powerful strategies they can use to quickly and easily get on the path to success.

A quick question:

Did you know that every student could easily raise their grade in any exam if only they knew the untold secrets to exam success?

It is a depressing fact that most students will never get the marks they should in assessments, assignments and exams, even if they studied hard.

But here is the good news! Your son or daughter can easily discover all these secrets and master all of these skills. It isn’t even that difficult.

In my extensive experience, every student can achieve more than they believe they can.

“But how do they find out what the secrets are and who will train my child how to master the skills they need?” I hear you ask.

More great news.

Now, like never before, students actually have access to this information and training from anywhere in Australia. Through my online 10 Week Grade Transformation Program, I train students to literally catapult their grades beyond anything they’d dreamed possible.

I deliver ‘on a plate’ the secrets to exam and study success, using proven strategies and techniques. In just 10 weeks your teen will be trained in the skills and strategies needed to unlock their true potential (beyond what you, they, or their teachers thought possible!). Which is fantastic for your son or daughter if you are one of the parents who decides to invest in this opportunity. But not so good for them if you don’t, and everyone else is learning this stuff…

So who is this Grade Transformation Program for? This is for you and your child if: 

You Sometimes Feel…

  • That your son or daughter could achieve even more with the right help and guidance.
  • That school cannot provide absolutely everything your child wants or requires to achieve their best possible success, academically and beyond.
  • That even though you are trying your best, you are not always able to give your child all the time or expertise they need to complete their homework to their very best.
  • That your child is struggling, disorganised or feeling a little lost in their school work.
  • That your son or daughter can perform well in their classroom study or homework, but their exam results do not reflect their ability and/or effort.
  • Worried about the job, career or further education opportunities that may or may not be open to them in the future.
  • That you want them to feel more joyful and confident in their education.

You Want…

  • The best future opportunities for your child as a result of improved academic results.
  • The battles (…persuading, bribing, arguing!) to get homework done, to stop.
  • Your child to feel less stress and more in control of their study.
  • Your son or daughter to feel a greater sense of achievement and positivity in their education.
  • Them to be self-motivated, independent and confident in their study.
  • More enjoyment in life at home and less time spent worrying, concerned or in conflict.
  • Additional help and support for your child in terms of their preparation and performance in assessments.
  • To optimise the time and money you have already invested in your child and their education to generate more success and opportunity in their life.

If these situations or feelings are resonating with you, then find out how, together, we can catapult your child to their best possible success.

My proven system has led hundreds of students to success already (and turned stress into celebration for their parents!), and it can work for you and your child too.