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Fact: You could easily raise your grades in any exam, essay or assignment if only you knew the untold secrets to exam success.

Did you know that most students will never get the marks they should in assessments, assignments and exams, even if they study hard?

(In fact it doesn’t matter how hard they studied, even if they worked harder and longer than anyone else).

Why? Because they are not skilled in things like understanding command words, selecting and structuring content, and knowing what the markers are specifically looking for.

In my experience as an exam marker, national coursework assessor and teacher, I have come to realise that it is NOT ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU KNOW, it is all about how well you put it down on paper. 

Fact: Teachers just don’t have the time to teach these skills along with all the content laid down in the curriculum they have to cover. Plus, most of them aren’t examiners or assessors and so don’t have this insider knowledge.

Pretty depressing, right?

But here is the good news – well in fact it is brilliant, awesome news…

You Are Better Than You Think!

Your grades can be higher than you ever imagined.

You can have access to more career and life opportunities.

All with less stress.

Yes, it is possible to achieve fabulous results whilst feeling cool, confident and in control.

And the best bit is…

My online 10 Week Grade Transformation Program means you can easily discover all these secrets and master all of these skills. It isn’t even that difficult. In fact it is a lot easier to perfect things like ‘exam technique’, structuring extended responses and giving examiners what they want, than it is to learn lots more subject content.

Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work – this isn’t a magic fix that will happen overnight. But what it does mean is that you can become highly skilled in the strategies required for amazing results, and you will have these ‘super-powers’ forever!

“But how do I find out what the secrets are and who will train me to master the skills I need?” I hear you ask.

Through my ground-breaking online 10 Week Grade Transformation Program as Australia’s ‘Grade Transformation Expert’, I can now personally deliver to you the essential skills and information you need via the wonders of the internet!

This program is available to any student, anywhere in Australia! Which is great if you are one of the students who decides to become a member of the program… But not so good if you’re not, and everyone else is.

My 10 Week Grade Transformation Program is for you if:

You Sometimes Feel:

  • Like you are drowning in homework, notes, assignments or revision
  • That there are some subjects or topics that you just never seem to do well in
  • That you don’t know the best way to organise your time or tasks in order to get things done efficiently
  • Unmotivated or uninspired to get homework or school work done
  • Stressed or under pressure in trying to meet expectations (that you have put on yourself or you feel from other people)
  • Lacking confidence in some aspect of your academic abilities
  • That you don’t know exactly how you could make your work better even after it’s been marked
  • Unsure if you’re ‘doing it right’ when answering exam questions or writing assignments
  • That although people around you try to help, they can’t always give you the skills or information that you need
  • That you work hard but still wish your results were better?

You Want:

  • Expert help and support to give you the skills to be confident, organised and motivated in your school work
  • To feel positive and in control of your studies, exams and life at school or college
  • To know exactly how to tackle different types of tasks and assignments
  • To know PRECISELY what any exam question is asking
  • To be able to respond to any exam question in a way that will earn you the most marks with the subject knowledge you have
  • To use the most effective study and revision strategies for YOU
  • To be surrounded by positivity, motivation and encouragement from other like-minded students
  • To know exactly what ‘exam technique’ is and what ‘command’ and ‘trigger’ words are
  • To discover your personal learning style and use this to achieve AMAZING success academically and beyond
  • To set goals beyond anything you ever thought possible, and actually achieve them?!

My proven system has led hundreds of students to success already and it can work for you too.

Find out more about how the program works and the outcomes you can expect.