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Katie Price is the founder of Rock Solid Study and internationally recognised as the EXPERT in TRANSFORMING STUDENT GRADES. She is an award-winning teacher, a private tutor and a professional study coach for students in high school through to university.

She is also a current QSA marker for NAPLAN and the QCS exam, and has been a GCSE exam marker for the AQA exam board in the UK. These roles give her access to the myriad ‘behind the scenes secrets’ to exam and study success.

Her teaching and learning strategies and resources have appeared in education journals and publications.  Moreover, Katie is an inspiring leader, radiates enthusiasm and believes in taking positive action to change the lives of students and their parents.

Katie has been teaching since 2005 in state and private high schools in Brisbane, Sydney and the UK. In this time she has held positions of Head of Department, Head of Faculty, and been on an advisory and action committee for raising academic achievement. Awarded the UK’s ‘Outstanding New Teacher of the Year Award’ for the West of England, coupled with: National Finalist at the UK National Teaching Awards, she was quoted by her Principal as being “a highly-skilled teacher who understands that students have different learning styles and makes sure that her teaching meets all of these”.

One colleague said “I would single her out as the most high-energy teacher I have worked with, the most conscientious organiser, and the most responsible, effective and innovative teacher I have come across in my teaching career”. A student said “I don’t know what it is, but in Miss Price’s class you just get it” and a parent has credited her as being the reason their child went on to study at College.

However, Katie’s favourite quote about her work is simply: “This is GOLD!” from a senior student whilst Katie was teaching her how to write a fantastic extended response answer!

Katie continues to teach in high schools and mark for national exams, staying up to date with new innovations and developments in education, whilst being Australia’s go-to professional for catapulting grades and confidence in students. Presenting workshops and seminars in schools and personally coaching and consulting students and trainee teachers, she is on a mission to create a new wave of students equipped and confident to achieve amazing success academically and beyond!