No.1 in Transforming Students’ Grades

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Kirsty Firman

We chose to get some help for both the boys – Thomas has been a fairly good student but we felt he could do even better and Fred has been struggling a bit to be honest.

Both boys have become much more confident in attempting tasks – particularly Freddie in his writing tasks. Thomas likes the fact that he knows if he’s got a problem with an assignment he can talk to his tutor and she’ll help him out and problem solve and show him how to do things much more logically. It’s great to have her guide him in the process of how to tackle projects and what to look for in tasks.

Both of them have got a different attitude towards work now – they embrace it a lot more than they did before. Freddie’s teacher has given us feedback that she has definitely seen an improvement and Thomas has certainly improved his game in all of his subjects at school.

We’ve found it to be a massive benefit and I think it’s really good value for money and a great way to help our children in their education.

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