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How to get the most out of the Secrets and Solutions Seminars

What are Secrets and Solutions Seminars?

The Secrets and Solutions Seminars are hosted live by Katie Price once a month and are open to all members of the Grade Transformation Zone.

Run as a live webinar they are an opportunity for Katie to give additional tutoring on specific aspects of students’ lives and study.

They are an invaluable opportunity for members to ask Katie anything to do with their study or the 10 Week Grade Transformation Program they are following. Katie will give them an instant response in the seminar, or if it is something very subject specific that she is not able to answer, she will return to the member personally after consultation with her team of subject experts!

How do I get involved?

Students are invited to attend by clicking the registration link that is posted each month within the Grade Transformation Zone.

They will be emailed a personal link to access the private ‘members only’ webinar room along with confirmation details.

Reminders will be sent by email as the webinar approaches.

At the time of the webinar, students click the link they’ve been sent by email to access the private webinar room.

Students can then choose to:

  1. Simply listen in to learn from the tutorial Katie shares as well as the questions from others and Katie’s responses.
  2. Ask a question by typing it into the chat box once the Q&A session begins – start the question with the letter ‘N’ to indicate they just want to type and don’t want to speak.
  3. Talk through their question by typing it into the chat box and starting with the letter ‘Y’ to indicate that they would like to talk aloud on the webinar to be able to discuss their question with Katie live. When Katie invites your question she will then ‘unmute’ you to be able to speak and be heard by everyone attending the webinar and watching the recording (see ‘recording’ information below).


These seminars are recorded and uploaded to the Grade Transformation Zone Member’s Area. They may also be shared by Katie outside of this space for the purpose of helping other students. By participating in a Seminar you are agreeing to your input being recorded and that these recordings are the property of Rock Solid Study Pty Ltd.

What are the technical requirements to be able to participate?

To speak live with Katie you will need a Google Account. If you have a Gmail, Youtube or other Google owned account already this can be used. If you do not already have a Google Account you will need to set one up if you would like to participate in this way. You can do this at

There are no requirements other than a device with an internet connection to be able to listen in and type a question.

Please be aware that if your internet connection being used is of a slower speed than ADSL 2+, there could be a short delay in the video, audio and chat box between the host and the attendee.

What if I cannot make it to a live seminar?

No problem!

If you have a question you would like to ask Katie then simply send it to at least 24 hours before the webinar and Katie will answer it on the webinar and you can watch for the answer on the replay or recording.

If you have already registered as an attendee then you will automatically be sent a replay of the webinar by email. It is not a problem if you do not actually turn up to the webinar (apart from the fact that you miss out on the opportunity to be actively involved!).

If you have not registered you can simply watch the recording when it is uploaded to the Grade Transformation Zone (usually just a few days after the webinar).

Summary – How To Get The Most Out Of The ‘SAS’ Seminars

  • Register to attend the webinar (online seminar) at least a week in advance.
  • Write the date and time in your diary – check the correct time for your time zone!
  • Write down any questions as you come across them in a Word document or on an electronic ‘sticky note’ so that you have them to hand on the webinar. (You can even copy and paste your question straight into the chat box to save thinking about how to word it when you’re actually at the seminar!)
  • Get prepared 15 minutes before the seminar is due to begin. Turn your device on, find your webinar link, remove distractions (e.g. turn off phone, find a quiet space).
  • Have a pen and paper ready to take notes during the mini-tutorial in each seminar.
  • Listen carefully to the questions from other students and Katie’s responses to them. Even if it is a topic or subject that you are not covering in your own study you will almost always be able to take a concept or strategy and apply it to something in your own study – Remember! Try to find ways that you CAN use the techniques and strategies, rather than look for excuses for why it doesn’t apply!